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Welcome to, the official website for the Newtown Crossing Community Association.

Here you will find notices, news, event postings, contact information, and more.

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Please review the following information from Newtown Twp's Zoning officer outlining zoning requirements for Recreational Vehicles:
Temporary Structure. Such use shall include a temporary structure or use. A temporary permit may be issued for structures or uses necessary during construction or other special circumstances of a non-recurring nature, subject to the following additional provisions:

1. The time period of the initial permit shall be six months. This permit may be renewed for three month time periods, subject to the limitations specified § 1403.

2. Temporary nonconforming structures or uses shall be subject to authorization by the zoning officer or governing body.

3. Such structure or use shall be removed completely within 30 days of the expiration of the permit without cost to the municipality.

4. Campers, recreation vehicles, and boats shall be stored on the premises by the occupant of the premises only and then only behind the front line of the house.

5. Tractor trailers shall not be permitted to be parked in residential districts.

link to the pertinent township code

Pool Schedule for Remaining Season
As we near the end of the pool season, please note that, per our contract, the pool will be closed the week of Monday 8/28 through Friday 9/1. It will then reopen for the final weekend of the season Saturday, Sunday, and Monday 9/2-9/4.

Thanks Lorrie and Freda for our annual end of summer pool party—fun, food, and neighborhood chat.

6/7/23 Pool Repair Parts Purchased
The necessary parts have been found and repairs are expected to be completed this week. With a bit of luck, it is possible we may be able to reopen this weekend.

Check back here for updates.

Upcoming Sidewalk Repair—Get on the List (UPDATE)
Every spring Hale & Son repair heaved and broken sidewalk blocks in Newtown Crossing's common areas. But repairs, when they are needed on sidewalks bordering your property, are your responsibility, and scheduling replacement while Hale's crew are in our development can save you a great deal of money over a normal service call.

Remember, maintaining the safe condition of sidewalks adjoining your property is your responsibility. Obviously, the cost of proper maintenance is preferable to a trip and fall lawsuit.

You can call the number below or use their website to schedule. They expect to start, depending on weather, the week of May 29. If you need a repair, now's the time to get on the list.

Phone: 215-949-3597

Newtown Crossing Swim Team Registration
Registration for the 2023 swim season starts on April 15, 2023 for all returning families and for residents of Newtown Crossing only (those paying association fees to Newtown Crossing Community Association which does not include Eagle Ridge or Liberty Square).

We will hold our annual Registration Potluck Brunch on May 7 from 11–2 at the Manor House for NCCA residents. Priority registration ends on May 7th. At that time, we open registration to all others and we take registrations on a first received basis until we reach capacity. Please register early to ensure your spot on the team!! Contact Katie Lukomski for information.

Easter Egg Hunt Fun at the Manor House

Thanks to the efforts of Rachel

Please, always keep your dog on its leash. It's not only the right thing to do—it's the law in PA.

Joanne Urqhart was presented with a commemorative plaque and a bracelet in recognition of her 35 years of service to our community. Board president Pete Ancona headed a delegation which met at Joanne's home in December.

Assessments to Increase by $3/mo in 2023
At the December meeting of the NCCA Board of Directors, the Board unanimously voted to increase assessments from $35 per month, or $105 per quarter, to $38 per month, or $114/qtr for the 2023 calendar year.

The monthly breakdown of that $35 is as follows:
$24—Operating expenses (common ground maintenance, utilities, insurance, etc.)
$3—Tennis court repair/replacement 

$3—Trees: Storm damage clean-up, tree maintenance & Emerald Ash Borer treatments

$1—Manor House/Spring House/Carriage House- Minor repairs
$4—Pool repairs including tile repairs & pump house repairs

$3—Major repairs: Manor House gutters, Sidewalk repairs, Common Ground 

You can read the entire budget here.

While there have been no assessment increases since 2020 when they were raised to $35, your board voted for the increase in order to maintain our almost 50 year old infrastructure as outlined above and keep up with the 8% inflation we experienced in 2022. The tennis & basketball courts, manor house, pool area and sidewalks continue to age and all require significant work this coming year as well as continuous maintenance going forward. Keeping our buildings, grounds and other assets in good shape helps keep our community appealing and our property values stable.

Because our Board members, as well as many community members, donate many hours of their time for the benefit of our community, our assessments continue to remain among the lowest in the area. Their efforts are greatly appreciated.

Newtown Crossing Holiday Party a Success!

Oh, what a night. Around sixty residents and friends braved the cold and the rain to attend the first NCAA holiday party in decades. And it was a very good night. Food, donated in part by Guru’s Fine Indian Cuisine, was plentiful, wine and beer were consumed (responsibly :-), and conversation filled the old Manor House like it might have in centuries gone by.

Huge thanks to Board Vice-President Michael McFarland, his partner Chuck Potts, and all the volunteers who pitched in and created a festive vibe that had folks smiling all night long. Everyone agreed: this will not be the last party in the NCCA Manor House.

On Getting Involved

Newtown Crossing's Board of Directors has managed the affairs in their charge as defined in the Covenants & By-Laws without the need for an external property management service since its inception in 1975, keeping our monthly assessments among the lowest for Planned Residential Developments in the area (see the below for a comparison. This has been accomplished by having board members with strong leadership and communications skills, a hands-on management approach, and work/life experience directly applicable to the efficient operation of an infrastructure-heavy operation like Newtown Crossing.

Residents interested in serving the community as a committee or board member are welcome! We always have a need for capable, interested people to help as part of Pool, Recreation, Maintenance, Manor House, Social or Publicity Committees. If you have an interest and possess relevant skills/experience similar to examples listed below, please reach out to a board member or just feel free to participate in the monthly board meetings and then let us know of your interest.

The success of our community, including keeping our monthly assessments reasonable, depends on involvement by our residents. You can help make a difference in Newtown Crossing!

Responsibilities of a board member include:

FYI: Here's a comparison of area communities' fees with our Newtown Crossing HOA fees

(subject to change)

Phillips Court

460/mo (no pool)

Newtown Station

Condos 450/mo (no pool); Townhomes  465/mo

Hill Haven


Newtown Walk

385/mo (no pool)

Barclay Court


Delancey Court


The Villas of Newtown 55+

275/mo includes indoor and outdoor pools & fitness Center

Newtown Gate

Over 55  235/mo; Townhomes  129/mo; Singles  150/quarter

Liberty Square



Singles 192/mo Townhomes  568/yr

Eagle Ridge


Society Place


Headley Trace


Country Bend

Condos 180/mo; Singles 165/quarter

Crowne Point





155/mo  (includes pool)

Newtown Park Plaza 700’Condos


Tyler Walk

138/quarter  (pool extra)



Fountain Farm/The Quarters


Newtown Grant

Townhomes 90-155/quarter (pool extra); Singles  138/quarter

Wiltshire Walk

120/quarter (no pool)

Newtown Crossing

35/mo 105/quarter (includes pool) 

Clivedon Estates/Eagle View

25/mo  (no pool)

Rentals of Manor House & Spring House Now Permitted
The Manor House and Spring House are available to rent. We are following the CDC guidelines. At present they are discouraging large gatherings due to a rise in Covid cases. Small family gatherings are permitted.

The Manor House rents for $150.00 along with a $150.00 refundable deposit and the Spring House is $100.00 rent plus $100 deposit.
Contact Bonnie Dettra at 215-860-9818.

The NCCA has no control over ball playing or basketball nets on private property.
Any damage or inconvenience due to basketballs or ball playing is a private concern among residents and should be addressed directly. Have a friendly discussion with your neighbor if you have sustained damage. Common courtesy is appreciated by everyone.

Dog Owners: Thank You!
We are lucky to have so many respectful and considerate dog owners in our community. Ninety-nine percent of them keep their best friends leashed and always clean up after them. We all appreciate it.

Now, if we could just get that last 1% on board…! If you don't do so already, please take the time to help keep our lawns and common areas clean.

Read the final version of the Arcadia Settlement agreement adopted 4-1 by the Newtown Township Commissioners at the last meeting.

Reminder: Ball playing, hockey, etc. is NOT permitted in the playground area or parking lot due to dangers to playground users and personal property in the area. This type of recreation should be done in grass areas away from the playground and personal property to avoid injuries for property damage.

The area has been posted to make clear that all pets (except service dogs) are banned. Thank you for your cooperation.


Help Stop Illegal Dumping
There has been dumping of trash in the area along the NE side of Millpond between the exercise trail behind Eagle Ridge (basically York St. intersection) and the start of the townhomes.Obviously this is not only unneighborly, but also, now that it has been posted, illegal and subject to fines. If you see anyone ignoring the signs, please call the police.

HOA Billing Address Change

Your HOA quarterly fee envelope will no longer say “Dunlap & Associates” which could be mistaken for junk mail and accidentally discarded.

The return address on both the outer envelope and the statement has been changed to:
Newtown Crossing Community Association
PO Box 793
Souderton, PA, 18964-0793.

Payments are to be made to this address. If you make electronic payments, please check to make sure you are using the above address.

The Newtown Fire Association NEEDS YOUR HELP

Facing added responsibilities caused by world events and local demographics, as well as an ever increasing populous, the Newtown Fire Association needs more volunteer members to suplement its staffing to better protect YOU and YOUR FAMILY. No experience is required for new members, as all needed training will be provided by the NFA. While the hours are less than desirable (24/7), and the work is hard, the feeling of accomplishment and pride make it all worth it. But to add to that, the NFA offers a number of other benefits to its members including life insurance, training classes in most lines of emergency services, a paid per call system, and an in house fitness center. So, if you think you can make a difference, join your friends, neighbors, and local businessmen and women in protecting all you and your family have worked for. JOIN THE NEWTOWN FIRE ASSOCIATION!

Important Sidewalk Notice
Members of the Board of Directors have, over the summer months, received complaints from residents about the condition of sidewalks in front of houses throughout the development.

You should be aware that the homeowner is solely responsible for maintenance of the sidewalk that is in front of their home. Neither the Newtown Crossing Community Association nor Newtown Township has any duty to maintain sidewalks that pass in front of any house. The maintenance duty is not just snow removal.

The duty is to permit safe travel on the sidewalk. So, if your sidewalk is crumbling or has buckled due to tree roots or is just in bad shape, you have the duty to fix it. You have the duty to keep it clean, level, and smooth enough for foot travel.

If you choose not to believe this free legal advice, you can check with your homeowner's insurance carrier. If someone trips or falls and is injured by reason of a defect in your sidewalk, you can face serious financial consequences.

Safety First for Runners
Just a reminder for those who like to run on the streets during the early or late hours when visibility is poor: Wear something either reflective or light colored. While it is true that, as a pedestrian, you always have the right of way, it only makes sense to give drivers the best opportunity possible to see and avoid you.

Newtown Township Tree Ordinance
§101. Tree Trimming. All trees in Newtown Township shall be kept trimmed so that the minimum clearance where they overhang any public walk shall be nine (9) feet and the minimum clearance where they overhang or project into any public street or highway right-of-way shall be eleven (11) feet. However, the Township is hereby given the right to designate a higher clearance on certain highways, where heavy traffic or other conditions make it expedient. All trees, plants or shrubs standing on private property and having branches projecting into or over a public highway or right-of-way, shall be kept trimmed by the owner of such private property so that no portion thereof shall extend into or over a sidewalk or right-of-way below the minimum clearance specified above, or such other clearance as may be specified by the Township. In case the owner of such property shall neglect or refuse to trim such trees, plants or shrubs upon being notified in writing by the Township to do so, the Township may, after the expiration of the date specified in said notice, cause such trimming to be done at the expense of the owner, and the entire cost thereof shall be a lien upon said premises and shall be filed and collected by Newtown Township in the same manner as municipal claims are filed and collected. (Ord. 2004-O-25, 11/17/2004, §I)

Important Notice
U S Postal Service no longer delivers NCCA mail to treasurer Bob Donatelli's home—they deliver it to the 206 Hidden Valley Lane mail box. Because it is against US Postal regulations to put unstamped mail in a postal mail box—and, because the mail carriers will remove it—please do not put unstamped mail in that box.

Snow Plowing
Newtown Township is responsible for snow removal on the streets of Newtown Crossing, including the cul-de-sacs.
If your street or cul-de-sac has not been cleared, call 215-968-2800.

Public Safety Alert
No Parking on Cul-de-sac Islands!
Residents (and their guests) that live on cul-de-sac streets with islands are reminded that parking on the islands is not allowed. Several weeks ago, while responding to a carbon monoxide call on King Charles West, the Newtown Fire Department was unable to get trucks to the house because of cars parked on the cul-de-sac island. This happened a number of years ago when a small fire on a Churchill Lane residents deck, spread to the house because fire equipment could not get close enough due to cars blocking the cul-de-sac.

The Fire Department and the NCCA board will be requesting that the township post the islands as no parking so that cars parked on cul-de-sac islands can be ticketed by the police.

In the meantime, it is in everyone's best interest to keep the islands clear in case of an emergency. Thank you.

Newtown Crossing Then & Now

Newtown Crossing Needs Volunteers
From playground maintenance to repainting the entrance signs at 532 and 332, our community saves money every time we can do the work ourselves. If you are willing to be put on a list of potential volunteers for odd jobs please send your contact information to this address. and put the word "Volunteer" in the subject field.

A Friendly Reminder About Common Areas in Newtown Crossing
In plain English, it is not permitted to sell anything—like your car, for instance—using the common areas. You can read the official legalese here under "Use of Common Areas". Please note that neither you nor your realtor may place any signage on any common ground. Doing so will result in a $100 fine and who needs that?