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Important Sidewalk Notice
Members of the Board of Directors have, over the summer months, received complaints from residents about the condition of sidewalks in front of houses throughout the development.

You should be aware that the homeowner is solely responsible for maintenance of the sidewalk that is in front of their home. Neither the Newtown Crossing Community Association nor Newtown Township has any duty to maintain sidewalks that pass in front of any house. The maintenance duty is not just snow removal.

The duty is to permit safe travel on the sidewalk. So, if your sidewalk is crumbling or has buckled due to tree roots or is just in bad shape, you have the duty to fix it. You have the duty to keep it clean, level, and smooth enough for foot travel.

If you choose not to believe this free legal advice, you can check with your homeowner's insurance carrier. If someone trips or falls and is injured by reason of a defect in your sidewalk, you can face serious financial consequences.

Trash in Common Areas
Residents, their children, and guests: remember to clean up after using the common areas. If there are no handy trash recepticals, please carry out your trash when you leave. The grass at Hidden Valley and Millpond has been left littered recently. It doesn't take a lot of effort to keep our neighborhood cleaner for everyone.

Anonymous Crime Tip Line
If you have a question or concern please contact:
Sergeant Stephen J. Meyers, D.A.R.E. Instructor
215-579-1000 x261

Use of Common Areas
A person is in violation of the rules and regulations of the Newtown Crossing Community Association regarding and governing the use of common areas and common facilities if that person, alone or in conjunction with another person, directly or indirectly, engages in sales of personal property or storage of personal property on any common area or common facility of the Newtown Crossing Community.  If this violation continues on any day after seven (7) days subsequent to a written notification from an appropriate representative of the Newtown Crossing Community Association to cease this activity, the person or persons who are in violation of this regulation shall immediately forfeit the privilege to use the common area and common facilities of the Newtown Crossing Community Association and shall pay a fine of $25.00 per day for each and every day that the violation continues after the expiration of seven (7) days from the date of receipt of the notification.

For purposes of this regulation, a sale is defined as transfer of property for consideration either in money or its equivalent; personal property is defined as any movable property; and storage is defined as depositing or placing personal property in one place for safe keeping or putting personal property in one place for future use.

Realtor Signs
Please note that no Realtor signs of any kind are permitted on the Route 332 and 532 entrance islands, which includes "open house" signs, "for sale", or "garage sale" signs. All signs posted are subject to a $100 fine per entrance. Fines will be added to the resident's assessment fee balance, and signs will be confiscated.

Also, no parking is permitted on any cul de sac island.

Classified Ads
This website will be featuring a page where Newtown Crossing residents may post brief ads at no charge. To place an ad, email the webmaster with "NCCA CLASSIFIED" in the subject field. Please allow one to three days for the ads to appear.

Board Meetings
PLEASE NOTE: The regular monthly meetings of the NCCA are NOW held on the FIRST TUESDAY of each month starting at 7:30 p.m. in the Spring House. All residents are invited to attend.

No Hunting
Absolutely no hunting is permitted on NCCA common grounds. The common grounds include the wooded area across from York Street and the wooded area along the Neshaminy Creek. If you see anyone hunting in these areas, please contact the police immediately. Your help in protecting the safety of our residents and children is appreciated.

No Ball Playing In Playground/Parking Lot Area
There is no ball playing (football, kickball, baseball, softball, stick ball, baseball w/tennis balls, etc.) allowed in the parking lot area near the pool and the tot-lot/playground area due to the risk of injury to children on the playground equipment, and damage to community & private property. Ball playing in the common ground areas not near the pool, playground or where loose balls or thrown bats will not damage private property is allowed.

Up to $1000 Reward
We are offering up to a $1000 reward for information leading to the arrest and successful prosecution of anyone who damages Association property.

No Postings On Islands
There is a $100 fine for any posting or placement of signs anywhere near or on the islands at the 532 and 332 entrances.

Street Light Repairs
Newtown Township is responsible for repairing malfunctioning streetlights within Newtown Crossing. Residents are encouraged to immediately report a streetlight problem by calling Ronald Weaver Jr. at 215-968-2800 ext 246 or email pwdirector@twp.newtown.pa.us. Please include the nearest address and street light number beginning with 12___ on the streetlight pole.

Architectural Control
You may print the Architectural Control application from this website. This is for townhome owners wishing to make improvements/alterations.

No Dumping!
The dumping of refuse, yard, waste, grass clippings, tree and bush trimmings or clippings, trash and debris of any kind in any detention basis or on any common ground is prohibited. Residents found guilty of such dumping shall be fined the sum of $100 and that fine shall become a lien on the property under and pursuant to Article 4, Section 9 of the Declaration and Covenants and the collection of that fine shall be permitted bu the same means or method of collection of any delinquent assessment. If you notice another resident dumping on any of the common ground areas, please contact a board member.

Maintenance of cul-de-sacs
One of the reasons our assessments remain low is because many residents help to maintain small sections of community ground by cutting parcels of common ground that border their yard and maintaining cul-de-sacs. The community association has trimmed back cul-de-sacs that have become grossly overgrown; however, once cut back, the neighboring residents are asked to cut the grass and maintain the appearance of the grounds. Your help is appreciated.

Selling your Home?
Newtown Crossing is considered a planned unit development, or a PUD. When selling your home, state regulation requires that PUD homeowners must furnish a 5407 Resale Package to the buyer prior to settlement. The 5407 Resale Package includes the 5407 form, a copy of the By-Laws and Regulations, most recent financial information and information relative to insurance coverage on the common grounds. For additional information or to request a package, please contact the secretary, Joanne Urquhart at 215-860-1584 or the treasure, Bob Donatelli, at 215-968-0866.

Trim Trees, Please!
Please trim your trees along sidewalks to insure that trees and shrubs do not obstruct stop signs, street signs, oncoming traffic or pose a safety issue to residents walking on sidewalks.

Clean Up After Your Pets!
Just a reminder that when walking your pets, please be sure to clean up after your pet and please do not let your dogs or cats roam the neighborhood.