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Newtown Crossing is a planned residential development In the heart of historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The first residential development of its type in Newtown Township, the Development consists of 625 individual family dwellings and dedicated open space. The open space is located throughout the development and no structures of any kind may be placed there.

The Newtown Crossing Community Association is governed by a Board of Directors set up by the developers as part of the development approved by Newtown Township and has existed since the development’s creation in 1975. The Board consists of five (5) members elected for a term of years by the households in the development. Members of the Board must be, and are, homeowners in the development. In addition to the Board, two (2) members of the Community serve as the Secretary and the Treasurer. Also, dedicated members of the Community manage the pool and the rental of the Manor House. The Manor House located within the development is a large stone home which is exclusively for use of the members of the Community and is leased for a nominal amount.

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The members of the Board of Directors are all volunteers. The Treasurer, Secretary, Manager of the pool, and Manor House rental manager receive nominal compensation for their services. Newtown Crossing is unique among the many developments in Newtown Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania with its strong tradition of volunteerism. This volunteerism is, in no small measure, why the monthly assessment for maintenance of the dedicated open space, Manor House, community swimming pool, tennis courts, and basketball court has been kept at the very low rate of $22.00 per month.

The Secretary spends long hours organizing meetings; and, preparing correspondence and Minutes.

The Treasurer for the Board of Directors of the Homeowner’s Association puts significant time, effort, and expertise into helping to manage not only the funds but, to prepare a budget and make regular reports to the Board for the benefit of all of the homeowners so that funds can be managed with efficiency and integrity.

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Newtown Crossing in 1980

Newtown Township has, for several years, set up annual meetings for the education of and mutual cooperation among the various homeowner’s associations of other developments located throughout the Township. These other board members never fail to be surprised and express great envy at the efficiency with which Newtown Crossing Community Association is managed. The management is especially significant in view of the fact that there is no paid individual overseeing the day to day affairs and general overall direction of the Homeowner’s Association.

There is no small amount of pride felt by the members of the Board of Directors who attend the annual Township gathering called “Making a Difference” when it is pointed out that Newtown Crossing is the first residential development in Newtown Township; has the lowest monthly assessments of any significant planned residential development in Newtown Township; and is run by volunteers.

All of the residents of Newtown Crossing take great pride in their own homes and work very hard to maintain them as well as they can.

All of the above allows us to exclaim with very little fear of contradiction that we are truly Number 1!